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The Verity Audio AMP-45 is now ready and shipping 

We are please to announce the introduction of the new Verity Audio AMP-45, an amazing power amplifier, capable of delivering sheer current on demand. It inherits the best technologies of the state-of-the-art Monsalvat electronics.

Throughout the development of the Monsalvat electronics, Verity Audio engineers took great care in optimizing raw energy delivery. Any unwanted inductance, capacitance or signal loss was eliminated, and only the best components were used to ensure ultrafast power delivery and recovery time. During design, our team strived to keep things simple, but perfect. No exotic class of amplification here: just thorough attention to the smallest of details.

Our team began by building an oversized power supply of a type you would normally find in much larger and far more powerful amplifiers. This potent power supply pushes the dynamics of the new Amp-45 amplifier beyond anything you’ve heard before. 

The entire unit is built using only the highest-quality parts available, and our engineers have paid special attention to circuit topology and PCB design.

Beyond just a high-end amplifier, the Amp-45 is a shining gem befitting Verity’s highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. It exemplifies Verity’s know-how and joins the Verity family of products as a reference in a league of its own.


AMP-45     (...pdf)
Amp45 front   AMP45 Back 3