Monsalvat PRE-2

Verity Audio’s Monsalvat Pre-2 digital preamplifier is directly derived from our Monsalvat’s breathtaking Pro-6, sharing the same topology, quality parts and configuration. However, it’s built into a single chassis that includes a power supply.

The Pre-2 combines the functions of a preamplifier and a DAC. Its design gives no ground to compromise, as per Verity’s traditional philosophy. The preamplifier’s architecture features state-of-the-art ADC/DAC circuitry and total galvanic isolation between the analog and digital domains, ensuring they remain perfectly isolated. The Pre-2 reaches the highest performance a “pure analog” preamplifier can attain while still offering the advantages you would expect of a reference digital signal processors.

The Pre-2 includes both analog and digital inputs. Analog inputs are digitized at a very high sampling rate and fed into the digital domain for processing, while digital inputs are processed directly. The results of digital processing are then transferred to the analog domain to be reproduced with perfect integrity.

The chassis of the preamplifier is built of thick aluminum plates and is supported by a massive Verity anti-vibration platform.

The result is an astonishing ultra-low-noise preamplifier offering pure sound transparency and fluidity, an extended bandwidth and an ultra-high dynamic range. The new Verity Pre-2 redefines preamplification thanks to the advanced technologies available today.