Monsalvat PRO-6

Verity Audio’s Pro-6 Digital Processor is a unique device combining the functions of a preamplifier, a DAC, a digital crossover and a time alignment device. Its design gives no ground to compromise, as per Verity’s traditional philosophy. The processor’s architecture features state-of-the-art ADC/DAC circuitry and total galvanic isolation between the analog and digital domains, ensuring they remain perfectly isolated. The Pro-6 reaches the highest performance a “pure analog” preamplifier can attain while still offering the best you could expect of a reference digital signal processor.

The Pro-6 includes both analog and digital inputs. Analog inputs are digitized at a very high sampling rate and fed into the digital domain for processing, while digital inputs are processed directly. The results of digital processing are then transferred to the analog domain to be reproduced with perfect integrity. All filtering and delays are executed in the digital domain for absolute precision.

The Pro-6 has three parts: the processor chassis, an external power supply chassis and a massive Verity anti-vibration platform. The chassis are built of thick anodized and machined aluminum plates.

The Pro-6 truly is a state of the art sound-processing device. It comes bundled with the Monsalvat loudspeaker system, offering an amazing sound performance that respects the natural scale of each instrument and preserves their respective coherence, fluidity and musicality throughout their entire dynamic scale. In short, this new and unique processor unquestionably sets the new standard of superior performance in loudspeaker systems.